Track Online SEO Performance

When a person is looking to track their online SEO performance there are some online tracking tools that will indicate if their SEO techniques are working. There are some online metrics for measuring SEO that can be very useful and allow a person to make changes if needed to increase their ranking position.

Google Analysis
This site is free to use and will allow a person to know how their site is performing on the Google searches. A person can find out several things about their search results which will allow them to make changes if needed.
Organic Traffic
A person can check and see the organic traffic that is finding their site from this Google Analysis page. A person needs to sign into their Google account and check out the Channel Grouping. They will be able to see the traffic report to their site in different segments. A person can then click on the different types of searches that they want to view more closely. If a person clicks on organic search they will get a detail report of the traffic and how many people are viewing their site based on this form on internet searching.

Quality of the Traffic
A person can have a lot of people visiting their site but it does not mean that the visitor spends time looking at the content. They may click around and leave the page within a matter of seconds. A person can see how long people are spending on the page in Google Analysis. They need to click on Assisted Conversions and they will get a report about how people use their site. They can look by month and compare the results from month to month. If a person is losing traffic they will be able to find out when it happened. They can go back and check their webpage to look for changes. A person can then adjust and check back at a later time to see if more people are interesting in the webpage and if they are spending any time on it.

Loading Times
Slow loading can be frustrating to visitors. A person needs to make sure their webpage is loading correctly. They can do this by running a loading time report. They can see how long it takes different parts of the site to load. If something is going slowly they need to take the time to fix it.

These are some of the tools that can help a person make their webpage run smoothly. Not only will they learn how to attract new visitors they will make sure they have a pleasant experience on their webpage.